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The Benjamin Franklin Parkway - A look at the works inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, one of the nation's finest art museums.


FREE Real Estate Land in Missouri - Land Available for the Asking
Missouri is Free - Land Available for the Asking The Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad are taking advantage of the Pacific Railroad Act and aggressively selling land to anyone interested at prices as low as $ 2.40 per acre. 500,000 acres are now available in Missouri, encompassing prairie land, timber, and coal areas. Sectional maps showing the exact locations of the parcels are available for 30 cents each. Minimum of 40 acre lots are available now. Credit will be granted for 2 – 10 year payment terms. If ten year terms are paid within two years, each owner will receive a 20% discount on their loan. All interested parties should apply in writing to George S. Harris, land commissioner of the H.& St.Jo. R.R., Hannibal, Mo. In 1862 The Pacific Railroad Act granted five square miles of land on either side of every mile of track laid to the railroads.
Classic very old footage of New York City (year not identified)
San Francisco
Explore America
HAWAII - Your choice of islands for a thousand and one reasons
Muhammad Ali interview on not joining the army
AMERICA AT WORK - Cereal Tasters


Documentary of the Day
America's Wild Mustang - Untamed Legacy PBS Documentary

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