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Carl Yastrzemski talks about the pennant race with the 1967 Red Sox

Carl Yastrzemski played his entire 23-season career with the Boston Red Sox, during which he compiled 3,419 hits, 9th most in Major League history. “Yaz” was an 18-time all-star and was the 1967 American League’s Most Valuable Player, a year in which he led the Red Sox to the AL Pennant. Yaz hit 40 or more home runs in 3 of 4 seasons from 1967 to 1970 despite it being a pitching dominant time period in the game. Yastrzemski retired in 1983 and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1989. In 1967 he won the AL Triple crown with 44 HRs, 121 RBIs, and an average of .326


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Giants move to San Francisco in 1957 The New York Giants were seeking a new stadium to replace the crumbling Polo Grounds. Attendance was falling, the team was playing poorly, and Minneapolis was seriously courting them. At the same time, the Dodgers were being courted by Los Angeles and major league baseball would not allow the move unless another team located to the west coast. Dodgers' owner Walter O'Malley helped convince Giants’ owner Horace Stoneham to make the move. The Giants played in Seals Stadium for the first two seasons. Orlando Cepeda won the NL Rookie of the Year award in 1958 and Willie McCovey won the award the next season.

Classic Stadiums

Forbes Field in Pittsburgh

Ebbets Field in Brooklyn

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Polo Grounds in New York