November 23, 1984: Doug Flutie's "Hail Mary" finds Gerard Phelan to give BC a huge 47-45 win over Miami.

It's November 23, 1984, and the sold-out crowd at the Orange Bowl has been witnessing an electrifying shootout. Each team played the entire game like a two-minute drill. There were 15 scoring drives, all for more than 55 yards including five drives of 80 or more, and 1,273 total yards produced by both teams combined. In the last minute, Miami scored to take the lead 45-41. The Hurricanes went wild on their sideline, celebrating what they believed is a landmark victory. Only 28 seconds remain. The eagles roar back up field, and on the last play from scrimmage, Doug Flutie takes his last snap and darts backward. The defense chases him out of the pocket, and staring straight into a 30-mile-per-hour wind, he heaves a bomb from his own 37 yard, that sails mightily 60 yards through the evening sky softly landing in to the hands of Gerard Phelan for the winning score.