Walter P. Chrysler introduces the Chrysler Six which Revolutionizes the Automobile Industry

The Chrysler Six Revolutionizes the Automobile Industry Walter P. Chrysler reached one of his great personal aims with this car, an aim he had been pursuing since 1908. His Chrysler Six, marketed with the model designation B-70 because of its top speed of 70 mph (approx. 110 km/h), set new standards in the category of mid-sized US cars. The first Chrysler became a bestseller – and the foundation stone for Chrysler Corporation. The assembly of the first Chrysler cars, were in the Chalmers plant on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. The new Chrysler Six met with spontaneous enthusiasm. The few skeptics were impressed after the first trial driving. A top speed of 70 mph was breathtaking for drivers back in the 1920s. The Chrysler Six also proved to be highly superior to the competitors in its class, and it assumed the position of "best in class" immediately. Historically compared with that of the Ford Model T, this car clearly defined the parting line between 'old' and 'new' cars in automotive history.