Preservation Jazz Band… A Historical Piece of New Orleans History

Named for the Preservation Hall venue located in New Orleans, Preservation Jazz Band performs traditional New Orleans-style jazz both at the hall and on tour around the world. When the Preservation Jazz Band began, New Orleans was a racially segregated community under Jim Crow laws. Preservation Hall made its mark by being one of the very few venues in New Orleans that welcomed both white and African-American musicians. Over the years the musicians in the band have changed, but the dedication to New Orleans Style Jazz and its traditions carry on to this day. In 1967, The Preservation Jazz Band performed alongside musical legends including Carlos Santana, The Grateful Dead and Steppenwolf at a Bill Graham production in San Francisco, CA. Led by Billie and De Pierce, this Preservation Jazz Band performance is said to be the introduction of New Orleans Jazz to the mainstream and led to many musical collaborations and tours over the years. After Hurricane Katrina, Preservation Hall’s doors were closed and stayed that way until the spring of 2006. While the hall was being rebuilt, Preservation Jazz Band continued to bring their music to the world with their continual tour. Musicians from around the globe came together to help because they felt that it was their duty to preserve the hall, the music and the heritage that reaches way back into the history of New Orleans.