Baseball Characters | Led by Bill "The Spaceman" Lee

Most of us remember baseball players for their power, speed, pitching, or defensive prowess. However, throughout the sport’s history, some players are better remembered for other more unique reasons. For example, over the years there have been a handful of players who have stood out for their eccentric personalities and antics. Here are some of those players: Bill “The Spaceman” Lee – remembered for his on-field antics and for his personalized “Leephus” pitch, his version of the low-speed junk pitch known ordinarily known as an Eephus pitch. Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky – remembered for his Fu Manchu mustache, long hair, and for his tendency to stomp to the back of the mound to psych himself up. Turk Wendell – best known for his plethora of superstitions, including brushing his teeth in the dugout between each inning. Mark “The Bird” Fidrych – Became an instant fan favorite as a rookie in 1976 due to his on-field success and strange behavior. For example, Fidrych often talked to himself and to the baseball while on the mound and would also strut around the mound after each out. He was nicknamed “The Bird” due to his unusual resemblance to Sesame Street character Big Bird.