How Did the San Diego Zoo Begin? The way the story goes, it began with a roar! In 1916 when San Diego hosted an exposition (like a world's fair) to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal. Among the exhibits were groups of animals scattered throughout Balboa Park. On September 16, a local physician, Dr. Harry Wegeforth, was driving through the Park and heard––you guessed it––the roar of... Continue reading
The Year 1924 First Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade held in New York New York’s Computer Tabulating Recording Company will now be known as IBM President of The United States is Calvin Coolidge, there is no VP J. Edgar Hoover is appointed Director of the FBI First Winter Olympic Games is held in Chamonix, France Population of the United States is 114,109,000 Walt Disney creates his first... Continue reading
Ice Cream On-A-Stick Celebrates It’s Fifth Birthday Youngstown, Ohio 1926 It’s a Big Birthday for one of our favorite treats, and we cheer Good Humor founder Harry B. Burt, Sr. the owner of an ice cream and candy business in downtown Youngstown, Ohio for creating a smooth chocolate coating that was compatible with ice cream. The story goes, that Burt’s daughter declared the frozen samples... Continue reading
Missouri is Free - Land Available for the Asking The Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad are taking advantage of the Pacific Railroad Act and aggressively selling land to anyone interested at prices as low as $ 2.40 per acre. 500,000 acres are now available in Missouri, encompassing prairie land, timber, and coal areas. Sectional maps showing the exact locations of the parcels are available... Continue reading
LAND FOR SALE - $2.50 per ACRE - May 1858 The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad today announced land for sale at the low price of $2.50 per acre. Encouraged by Congress, the B&L RR is finding that to be profitable, settlement in the area is necessary. Advertisements in the East and overseas will begin shortly. No money down, 6% interest, and 10 - years credit is the deal. Additional... Continue reading
THE FORD MUSTANG DEBUTS April 13, 1964 The Ford Mustang debuted this week to an enthusiastic response. Priced from $2,400. over 22,000 orders were made in the first day. The Mustang is the idea of the young vice-president at Ford, Lee Iacocca. The Mustang fondly termed the “Pony Car”will compete with Chevrolet’s Corvair Monza. Lee Iacocca at the Inaugural launch of the 1964 Mustang
TIMES SQUARE CELEBRATES It 's not a square at all. Just a ten-block bowtie where an old Indian trail – Broadway – meets Seventh Avenue. Long Acre Square, as it was known in the 1800s was a busy commercial center, a fancy neighborhood, a secretive address for brothels and the home of horse stables. The New York Times built its headquarters there and convinced the city to change the area... Continue reading
TRY AN OREO - March 6, 1912 Today Nabisco introduced the OREO biscuit, two embossed chocolate-flavored wafers with a rich cream filling. The cookies are sold in bulk by weight out of a tin. The first recorded sale took place in Hoboken, NJ to S.C. Thuesen who paid twenty cents per pound--wholesale. The OREO is baked at 75 Ninth Avenue in New York City
BUSINESS NEWS 1880 - 1889 A decade of advances • John Wanamaker’s Philadelphia Department Store, The Grand Depot hires the first advertising copywriter in the United States • Joseph Wharton , a merchant donates $ 100,000. to The University of Pennsylvania to form the nation’s first permanent college business school • William Filene starts a women’s clothing store in Boston • Dow,... Continue reading
RECIPES OF THE OLD WEST - Cowboy's Beef Pie When the cowboys were on the trail, since supplies were limited, nothing went to waste. This recipe is a great one for using up leftovers, because everything in this cowboy's beef pie can be precooked.  Ingredients: 4 cups cubed, cooked beef 2 1/2 cups of gravy 3 cups of vegetables (you can use potatoes, carrots, string beans, peas or... Continue reading