Michael Jordan enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1981 and led his team to the NCAA Division I championship in 1982 scoring the winning basket to defeat Georgetown University. He was awarded the NCAA College Player of the Year in 1983 and in 1984.
He is remembered as one of the all-time great college basketball players. In three seasons at LSU, he averaged 44.2 points per game. His 3,667 career points are the most all-time in NCAA Division I history, which incredibly, he accomplished despite not being allowed to play as a freshman and in the years before the implementation of the 3-point arc.
Known as one of the all-time greatest college football players, Herschel Walker is the only person to ever finish in the top 3 of the Heisman Trophy voting every year in college. As a freshman, Walker rushed for 1,616 yards and scored 15 touchdowns while leading the Georgia Bulldogs to the national championship. As a junior two years later, Walker rushed for 1,752 yards and scored 16 touchdowns... Continue reading
Legendary Pitcher Tom Seaver played most of his 20-season career with the New York Mets. He won the Rookie of the Year in 1967, and then two years later, in just his 3rd season, he won 25 games, the Cy Young Award, and led the Miracle Mets to the 1969 World Championship. Tom Seaver was a 3-time Cy Young Award Winner, a 5-time 20-game winner, and a 12-time All Star during his remarkable career.... Continue reading
It's November 23, 1984, and the sold-out crowd at the Orange Bowl has been witnessing an electrifying shootout. Each team played the entire game like a two-minute drill. There were 15 scoring drives, all for more than 55 yards including five drives of 80 or more, and 1,273 total yards produced by both teams combined. In the last minute, Miami scored to take the lead 45-41. The Hurricanes... Continue reading
Still recovering from one of the worst riots in American history just one year earlier, citizens of Detroit were able to unite in the common passion of their beloved Tigers. The 1968 Tigers won 103 games and won the American League by 12 games over the Baltimore Orioles. In the “Year of the Pitcher” the Tigers were led by their ace, Denny McLain, who won 31 games on his way to winning both the... Continue reading
Oscar Robertson led his University of Cincinnati Bearcats to two Final Four appearances in his three years of varsity from 1957 – 1960. He dominated his opponents with a scoring average of 33.8 points per game and was the National scoring champion all three years.
Tom Brady played very little during his first two years as a Michigan Wolverine as he watched Scott Dreisbach and Brian Griese start at quarterback in 1996 and 1997, respectively. Leading up to his junior year in 1998, Brady had to battle Drew Henson for the starting job. He ultimately prevailed and went on to set Michigan records for most pass attempts and completions during the 1998 season. Tom... Continue reading
The Dallas Cowboys selected Emmitt Smith with the 17th pick in the 1990 NFL Draft. He amazingly was not the 1st running back selected (the NY Jets selected RB Blair Thomas with the 2nd pick). Smith went on to play the first 13 of his 15 - season career with the Cowboys during which he helped the Cowboys win 3 Super Bowls. He gained over 1,000 yards in 11 consecutive seasons and totaled 18,355... Continue reading
Golf was a rich man's game. Strictly country club, and then came Arnold Palmer. Here was a guy just like most of us, rough around the edges. He was a big hitter with a limited short game. Sound familiar. He had that wild swing, and when he missed a shot, we missed. He was almost always coming from behind, making that now famous charge. Arnie was the guy next door. He brought golf in to our... Continue reading